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RCC Pipes Manufacturer In India

Posted by Admin on February, 10, 2021

In recent years there is a rapid urge to change our building patterns to a sustainable as well as durable pattern and this has resulted in bringing in more and more durable as well strong products. RCC Pipes are one of those products that are really strong and is durable.


RCC stands for Reinforced Cement Concrete Pipes which are also known as Hume Pipes. These pipes are were first rolled out in India by a big manufacturing company known as The Indian Hume Pipe Co. Ltd. And Walchand Hirachand was the founder of this particular company during the independence struggle. This bold move by this person helped many other small entrepreneurs to bring this product into the market. Today India is one of the most prominent RCC Spun Pipe manufacturers and exporters and producers of RCC Pipes.


RCC spun pipes are used in several construction projects and it has been using for quite a long time now, as a result, these pipes are trusted by the majority of people. The uses of RCC Pipes are as follows:

Construction- RCC Pipes can be seen in abundant amounts in construction sites. Today civil engineers trust these products and hence they are widely used for construction purposes.

Transportation of Drinking waters- RCC Pipes are laid underground before the construction of roads. These act as pipes for transporting water from one point to another. Thus we can clearly understand how to string these pipes are that they can withstand the force of the running water.

Transportation of Chemicals- In Laboratories or Factors these pipes are laid underground and in the same manner, these pipes are used to transport chemicals from one part of the factory to another.

Discharging Waste- Any factory or hotels and restaurants that discharge a lot of liquefied wastes transport their waste through RCC pipes.

Thus these pipes are mainly used to transport liquids from one part to another with ease.

Why Choose RCC?

There are certain advantages possessed by the RCC Pipes. These features are as follows:

Environmental Friendly- RCC Pipes are absolutely Environment Friendly and this is one of the prime reasons for the attraction of the consumers.

Durable- These pipes are durable and that is really important because these pipes are laid underground and every time it is not possible to dig and change the pipes it will cost a huge problem for a growing population like India. Hence the durable feature of these RCC Pipes are really appreciable as well as accepted by the consumers.

These are a few of the reasons why RCC Pipes are preferred by Engineers more than any other building materials.

The Market

RCC commands the market when it comes to Pipes and hence the manufacturers of RCC Pipes are some of the best producers as well as suppliers of RCC in India. These producers produce their product with great care and sometimes for additional durability extra wired mesh is applied to make it more durable. Other measures include building the product with great care. These products are made under the supervision of professional Engineers and hence they are some of the best quality products.

The Growing Need

With the increase in population RCC Pipes are in huge demand because the more the number increase in the settlements there will be more demand for water and more roads will be built. Thus this will result in huge demand for RCC Pipes in the future.

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